Landmark houses, Apartments and Bungalows in Panvel and Karjat

Published: 04th April 2011
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Dharap Associates, is a strong, multifaceted, multi-disciplinary and vibrant organization, and is committed to delighting it's customers through innovation. Having created landmark homes, Apartments and Rowhouses in Panvel and now at Karjat. At Dharap Associates we strive to achieve the highest degree of technical excellence and maintain the finest standards of business practices in all our endeavour, and It is this trait that always attracts the most talented people to our company.

At Dharap Associates we seek to bring in newness and fresh energy into the organization, we've never under-valued our old relationships. All the stakeholders who have been with us through our journey and those who keep joining the family are a standing testimony of our beliefs.

Such strong teamwork, dedication and sheer hard work have ensured that we have won a major industry award every year since the day we started.

Dharap Associates creates home which has The three most striking features of a Dharap Associates are the space in the construction which creates light, air and openness that greet you as soon as you enter.

Knowing that light from any one source does not penetrate more than 18 feet, windows are carefully arranged to bathe the interiors with more natural light. Entire floors are clinically divided to create split-level spaces. At the heart of it all, is an open central courtyard.

All these basic architectural elements harmoniously come together to create wide sweeping spaces.

It lets you enjoy the sensation of living in a home that is so open, it breathes life into you and everything around you.

Dharap Associates has Split level homes at Panvel and Karjat which lets one use space more creatively. First of all, the number of internal walls are significantly reduced. Just standing in the centre of the house, you can have an almost uninterrupted view of the rest of your home.

As you enter on the ground floor, you see the sunken garden three steps down. Pass this, and the living room begins from a further three steps down. From here, your bedrooms have been positioned a little more than half a floor up. The ground floor units have their own private garden, and top floor units have a beautiful landscaped terrace garden. This results in homes that literally breathe!

That's why when you live in Dharap Associates, you naturally get used to a feeling of 'openness'

We are one of the leading contributors in nation building process by developing civil infrastructure projects. We are pioneers in constructing, maintaining and managing the infrastructure projects.

At Dharap Associates We have developed some of the best processes and technologies in the industry, which has resulted in assuring the best quality levels while meeting tight schedules on the most challenging projects. In addition, Rohan is experienced in helping to form public-private partnerships that bring together the resources of government and the private sector for new projects.

Our built-in facilities cover virtually every process technology available. This expertise—coupled with strategic alliances with vendors, optimum utilization of resources available — make us to deliver the best output with low costs on both new construction and up gradation of the infrastructure projects.

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